Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today's Meet - Backchannel

"Create a room" that will allow your students/audience to comment and ask questions during your lesson/presentation using Today's Meet.  This is a wonderful backchannel tool that allows the user to create a page where discussion can take place behind the scenes of a presentation.  It's easy for all to use and can be accessed on any device with Internet capability!  Just name your room, decide how long you want to access the information on the site, and Today's Meet will create your page with a unique web address to share with participants.  Participants simply enter a name and join in the discussion.

Our Instructional Technology team has used Today's Meet as a backchannel tool for the past two years.  We found that it works best when one person manages the backchannel, while the other person  presents/teaches.  It really gives the audience a true opportunity to participate and ask questions, especially when time is limited.

 Integration Ideas:
  • Create a Today's Meet room for students to comment and ask questions during a lecture.  Have a trusted student manage the backchannel during the presentation.
  • Offer a backchannel setting during independent or group work and allow students to assit others.  The teacher would monitor in this situation.
  • Allow students a place to post questions about homework.  These questions could be answered the next day during class.
  • Administration could also use Today's Meet during a campus meeting, it works great for large groups.
  • This could also be used during a questioning/response activity.

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  1. I have used this tool and allowed an ESL and a gifted student to be in charge of the back channel. This helped the student to feel important in class and to have extra practice with the content since she was trying to answer questions for other students. Of course, I still have to check to make sure that the information was correct.