Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Browser for Kids: Parental Control Safe Browser

 Keep your students on task on the internet with the Browser for Kids app for iOS devices.  With this 99 cent app, teachers can determine the sites that their students have access to on the internet. When the app is opened, the home page (which looks very similar to Safari) displays 7 buttons across the top that link to the sites that the teacher has set up on the password protected Settings page. If there are more than 7 allowed sites, they are accessible in the bookmark folder (you may enter an unlimited amount of sites in the bookmark folder). The neat thing about this app is that it doesn't just block "bad" sites - the sites that you want your students to go to are linked prominently across the top of the screen, providing easy access for your students. So if there are sites that you want your students to visit frequently, all they have to do is open the app and click a button.

How to Use it in Your Classroom: 
1. Since the app is not free, fill out the iTunes Apps Purchasing form in Formspace to request the app (if 20 or more copies are purchased, you can get each app for half price through the Volume Purchase Program).
2. Download the app with the voucher code you receive from the Technology Department.
3. Go to Restrictions in the Settings app on your device and turn the Safari app OFF. This will make Browser for Kids the only way for your students to access the internet.
4. Open the app, click the gear in the upper righthand corner, set up a password, and enter in the sites that you want your students to access (you will need to do this on each device).

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Set up the app so that the sites that are accessible correspond with the unit you are studying. 
  • Link a variety of educational websites to provide enrichment opportunities, when appropriate.  

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