Friday, April 13, 2012

Free App Friday: Virtual Heart

One of my former 9th grade health education students is now working as a technician in the Tech Services department. During a recent conversation that he and I had with some of our tech friends, a question about the heart came up.  I told them that I was sure that Jake could answer the question because he had an incredible Health Education teacher that taught him all there was to know about the human heart and the circulatory system when he was in 9th grade. Although Jake was one of my outstanding students, he was not able to answer the question....he couldn't even remember learning about the heart.

All I can say is, "Where was the iPad and the free app Virtual Heart when Jake was in 9th grade in 1997?"  Jake, if you are reading this, get to the App store on your iPad and install this incredible free app NOW.  Let it take you on a visual and educational touchscreen journey through the realistic and constantly "beating" heart.  Be sure to take the time to turn on the labels as you explore the four different views of the heart,  showing the main structures, heart's valves, blood flow and electrical system. You can adjust the bpm (beats per minute) to view the heart rate anywhere from 30 to 180 beats per minute.

Drop by the office, Jake, when you are ready to take your Circulatory System test again!! Hint: Be sure that you know that the top chambers of the heart are called Atria.

Classroom Integration:  Have students take their resting heart rate and record it.  Have them jog in place for a minute and record the rate again.  The students can use the Virtual Heart to adjust the bpm (beats per minute) to observe and compare how their heart would beat for both recorded rates.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Have you seen the awesome game on the museeums homepage
    I write about it on my blog (in swedish...)