Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best of TCEA 2013

Each February, some of technology's best and brightest gather in Austin for the annual Texas Computer Education Association's conference.  Over the new few weeks, we will discuss some of our favorite apps and web 2.0 resources that we learned about at the conference. 

Chirp is a free app that lets you share information from one device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) to another using sound.  Chirp 'sings' information, letting you share photos, links, and notes from one device to another. Any device within the audio range that is using Chirp is able to retrieve the data;  there is no need to pair devices. 

Classroom Integration Ideas:
This could be an easy way for teachers to share presentations or web links to students without students having to type in lengthy URLs.
Two web 2.0 resources that are related, but perform different tasks, are KeepVid and Quietube.
KeepVid allows you to easily download videos from YouTube and save them for later use.
Quietube simply removes all distractions (such as comments, side ads, etc) from around the video.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
Both are a great way for teachers to preview and save videos to use in class at a later date. 

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  1. I will definitely be using KeepVid in my first grade classroom. I use a variety of short video clips to help reinforce the concepts I am teaching such as 2 & 3 D shapes, clocks and counting. It sounds like Quietube will keep items that distract my students from learning. I can't wait to check them out.