Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Tellagami is a free iPhone/iPad app that allows you to create a talking avatar. The background and avatar are both customizable. You can even upload your own picture to use as the background. Check out the video below for an example.

It's simple to customize your own character's appearance from a side menu.  Then use one of Tellagami's pre-created backgrounds or upload your own.

To make your avatar speak, either type in text you would like the avatar to say and choose from a list of voice types to read it out loud, or record your own voice.  To share your video, save it to your camera roll and email it to yourself, or sync it from your iPad to your computer.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Have students create an avatar to narrate digital stories.
  • Teachers can use an avatar in Tellagami to introduce a new topic to the class.
  • Students could create a Tellagami avatar to present a short book report or explain a math problem.  

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