Friday, March 8, 2013


SymbalooEDU is a web based visual organizing and sharing tool that allows you to bookmark websites which you can share or use for yourself.

Each website that you would like to bookmark is arranged in a webmix,  Symbaloo's term for tile boards Each website is represented by color tiles, which can be modified in appearance and placed wherever you like in the grid layout.  Webmixes can then be shared easily with others via a URL link or a code that can be embedded in a website or blog.

Just as there  are differences in the use of mainstream Google and Google Apps for Education,  SymbalooEDU is slightly different from The webmixes that are given to you initially differ when using versus  SymbalooEDU.  SymbalooEDU accounts come with preset educational webmixes as shown below:

A new iPad version gives you access to your Symabaloo webmixes on any "iDevice."

Classroom Integration Ideas:

  • Create webmixes to share with your students instead of bookmarking several websites on a specific computer or iPad. 
  • Students could create their own webmixes to organize sites they frequently use in class or at home to study. 

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