Monday, March 25, 2013

Socrative - "As Easy As Raising Your Hand"

The Instructional Tech team got this email from Ashley Lopez, 7th grade Texas History and TAP Mentor Teacher from SFA:  "While I was working on a presentation I noticed that Socrative wasn't mentioned on the "Techy Things" Blog so I created a handout about Socrative and thought I would share it with you in case you hadn't seen this app yet.  It's basically like a clicker system for the classroom but students can use their own devices or computers to respond.  As well, it can send you a spreadsheet with the student responses if you wanted to use it for a quiz or test."  

A BIG THANKS to Ashley for allowing us to share the information from the handout she created.   
Socrative is a great tool to use for quick classroom polling or even assessments.  The site allows you to create a teacher account that generates a specific room number that you give your student to enter on their device.  Once students have entered the room, they are prompted to respond to a question you have created. 
As pictured above, there are various features you can select from when choosing the type of question your want your students to respond to. Some features include quick responses that generate a visual representation of the class answers.  Others require students to input their information so that a spreadsheet with response can be generated and sent to your email. 
The greatest thing about Socrative is that students are able to access it on their own devices, utilizing a free download for both iPhones and other smart devices, in order to respond to questions.
Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Review games and activities
  • Pre-planned quizzes/assessments
  • Mastery checks or exit tickets given at the end of class
  • Poll questions that are discussed during instructional activities 

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