Thursday, December 12, 2013

Extreme Collaboration for SMART Notebook

Extreme Collaboration for Smart Notebook allows students to use their electronic devices to participate with a lesson created in Notebook.  Once you have downloaded the source below, students will be able to actively participate in a lesson by giving answers to questions asked by the teacher, asking questions about the lesson, or give their opinions by using their mobile devices.

To use extreme collaboration, you will first have to download it by going to the SMART Exchange at  If you have not registered for a free account, you will need to do so.

Type XC in the Search All Resources box. Your first search result will be XC AddOn Beta for SMART Notebook.  Download this lesson.  Once you download the lesson, follow the steps to install the Extreme Collaboration plugin. 

When you install the plugin, you will find the Extreme Collaboration tool under the Activity Builder Tab.

Once you start your Extreme Collaboration session, students will be able to participate by scanning the QR Code or going to the website listed and entering in the session ID.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Use for Mastery Checks
  • Quiz Reviews
  • Student interaction during a lecture


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