Monday, September 15, 2014

New & Improved Remind (formally known as Remind 101)

Ever wanted to text your students handouts or a picture of the notes on the board? Now you can!

Two new features on Remind (previously Remind 101)
*Attach, is a one-way feature that allows you to send content without students or parents texting you back. It will allow you to quickly send the most important homework, photos, presentations and more directly to your students’ and parents’ phones!
*Remind will allow you to record and send personalized voice greetings to students and their parents.
It only takes seconds for students or parents to sign up and it’s free!
Step 1: Select the Remind app on iOS and login. Choose a class and create a new message. Select the photo icon on the bottom left corner of the message.
Step 2: After selecting on the “Attach” icon, you can either take a photo or choose one from your gallery. Tap “choose” to select the image. You can even pull files from your Google Drive or Dropbox account to send as attachments. If you've ever sent a text message with an attachment the process will feel very familiar.
Note: files take 20 characters, so your message should contain no more than 120 characters.

Step 3: Type in your message and click “send”. You should see your image at the top of your message.

**If you are unable to use the attach feature or personalized voice greeting, make sure you update the app to take advantage of improvements.

Applications Ideas:
* increase parent involvement
* applicable for all content areas
* teachers can provide photos of class notes, demonstrations, examples, rubrics and homework assignments
* simple for all students, parents and educators to use
* compatible with smartphones, iPads, and computers

The service is an opt-in service so students and parents only receive messages from you if they want to. 
Remind also protects privacy by masking the real cell phone numbers of all parties involved in the messaging.

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