Monday, October 6, 2014


Are you looking for current event articles to share with your students?  Are you concerned some of the articles may be above their heads because of the way they are written? is the source for you.  It is a website that has informational, non-fiction articles that cover a variety of topics.  Not just current world events, it includes science, sports, health, arts, and many more.

As Suki Leonard, one of our local teachers shared, "The thing that makes this site great is that you are able to change the article's lexile score, i.e. reading level.  The articles can be changed to a 3rd or 4th grade reading level all the way up to 12+." 

This is at a lexile score of 1160

This is at a lexile score of 780

When you set up a school email account that approves as educational, it will allow you to create your classes and assign articles and quizzes online to your classes.  
As you can see, the grade level and the standards are listed with each question that goes along with the article.

The layout for listing articles includes a snapshot for each article that encourages reading and a desire to explore the article by giving just enough information to entice a reluctant reader.

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