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Quick and Easy on the Fly Assessment

A growing need for teachers is a way to gather information about student understanding quickly and easily.  Technology can be a great tool, but if you don't have a one to one set up for your students, it takes quite a bit of time to have students access information.  Plickers works with the teacher's smartphone.  It is the receiver for the student information. 

The students furnish their information through special QR code answer sheets that are set for individual students and can supply four different answer choices based on how the card is turned.

The teacher sets up the classes into Plickers using their computer, assigns each student a special code sheet and uploads their questions into Plicker.  With the Plickers App on their phone they are ready to go now.

The Library is where the teacher stores their questions and adds the questions to classes.  Reports is where you can view the results either simply with a bar graph of class data or more detailed with each students' response being visible. Classes is where the classes are set up and cards are assigned to students.  Live View is how the teacher will display the questions for the class.  

Type in your question and answers, mark which answer is correct and save.

Add to class plans.  This uses a drop down menu.

Class set up page is so easy!

Now the teacher is ready for the class and their smart phone works like a remote for their computer to control the questions and it will also be the scanner for the QR codes.

Choose your question from your phone.
Now the question will appear on the phone
and on the computer under Live View.

After pulling up the question they wish to ask, click on the camera in the App, asked the students to display their answers, scan and the results show on the phone.


Now the teacher can identify if reteach needs to occur or they are ready to move on.  Under reports you can look at individual student data by question.

Classroom Integration Ideas:

• Mastery checks and quick checks through out a lesson.
• Have students create questions for projects that they are going to present and put into Plickers so that the students can assess if their classmates understood their presentation.
• Survey classes

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