Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SMS Generator

SMS Generator

Have you ever wondered what a conversation between George Washington and Abe Lincoln might sound like?  What about if texting could happen between these two great leaders, what would their text look like?

Classtools.net has a great SMS Generator that is free to use and allows students to it without logging in or setting up an account.

Using the two side buttons for conversations, students can create a dialogue that could be happening between two famous individuals.  

When they have completed the dialogue, they simply click the save button. They will give it a unique password and a unique url will be created for their SMS message.

The students can also create a QR Code, Embed Code, or a Web Shortcut by using the at the bottom.  Simply by clicking from the menu as to what is desired and then it generates these for future use, 

Application uses within the History or English classroom:  Pair students together to create a dialogue between two famous individuals, either from a common event or from two different events.  The conversation could be as long or short as necessary.  The students save their file and then create a QR Code.  The teacher would print out the QR Codes and hang them around the room.  The class would then complete a gallery walk with their own devices to scan the QR codes and try to guess who the two members of the conversation might be.

Application use in Math and Science classroom:  Have students in either pairs or individually create a conversation between a math skill or science term with a student.  Have the skill or term try to explain itself without saying its name.  Such as, explaining  how to use order of operations.  Create the QR Code and then combine all of the codes into a webpage or flipbook that students could use for review or reteach.

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