Monday, February 22, 2016

Eliminating Choices in Google Forms

One of the great add on tools that can be found in Google Forms is called Choice Eliminator.   There are times either for scheduling appointments to giving students choices on projects that it would be great to furnish the power of choice but also not have the battles of who picked first. Choice Eliminator will do this for you.  

An example of using Choice Eliminator is an English Grammar project.  The students are going to pick the concept that their project will be on and then design their commercial explaining the do's and don'ts for the grammar skill.  

The form for the project was first created.  Click here to see the form.   Feel free to fill in the form, then go back to the form to see that the choice you had made is now gone.

To use Choice Eliminator, you will need to be in the old version of Google Forms.  That is where you will be able to access Add-ons in the menu.  If you haven't already added "Choice Eliminator" to your Add-ons, go to Get Add-ons and search for "Choice Eliminator."  

Once you have added it on.  You can now go to Add-ons and choose Choice Eliminator and Start.  A window will appear on the right hand side.

Turn on the button in the window.  This window will then change so that the questions can be identified for elimination.

When clicking on the question, the automatic default choice is to Eliminate choices.  There is a Choice Option that opens a second window so that it is possible to choose if more than one person will be able to choose that choice.

Turn on the Choice Option by sliding the bar over.

Example of a Project form.  

After completing the form once as a student and choosing the Appositives choice.  When opening the form back up, Appositives is gone from the choices since that is what the user chose.

Uses for in the Classroom:  Scheduling Parent Conferences, Creating groups, Managing Project choice

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