Friday, March 4, 2016

EDpuzzle Joins Forces with Google Classroom

Within EDpuzzle, you can now post your assigned videos straight to a Google Classroom Course.

There are two ways to join EDpuzzle and Google Classroom.
  1. Link classes already created in EDpuzzle to Google Classroom courses.
  2. Import Google Classroom courses to create new EDpuzzle classes.
Link EDpuzzle Classes already created to Google Classroom

Import From Google Classroom to EDpuzzle

Assigning an Assignment
To assign an assignment from EDpuzzle to Google Classroom, you will first need to assign a video to your Edpuzzle class. Once the video is assigned, click the Post button in the lower right corner. A new window will appear from Google Classroom allowing you to name the assignment, give it a description and assign a due date. Then click assign.

Note** You may have to allow pop-ups from EDpuzzle. 

Students will see the following when viewing an EDpuzzle assignment in Google Classroom.

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