Friday, March 7, 2014


Jing is a quick, easy and free computer service from TechSmith that lets you capture what you see on your computer with a screenshot or create a basic video by recording your screen.

The first step is to download Jing to your computer.  Once you download Jing, a small sun icon will appear in the upper right corner of your computer screen.  When you hover over the icon, it expands and gives you options to capture, look at your history or view more options.

To capture what is on your screen, click on Capture.  You will then see yellow lines that move with your curser.  Select the area you would like to capture. You can select a window, part of a window, or drag the crosshairs to select an area.

Once you select your area, you will see a small menu box at the bottom of your selection.

The icons let you capture an image, a recording, redo the selection or cancel the selection.  Once you capture the image, you will see another menu box on the side of your selection.

These icons allow you to add arrows, text, frames, highlight, change the color, undo or redo.  After your editing is complete, the menu bar at the bottom will allow you to name your image, share it via, save, copy, cancel and customize Jing buttons.

Jing is a great program that allows you to share your screenshot or screencast with your students or co-workers.

Additional Resources:
TechSmith also offers step by step tutorials to help get you started.

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  1. I love the great ideas that our tech staff post! Keep up the good work. I am using more and more applications in my classroom because of this site!